May 292006

Quiet is how I would describe my work week so far, that’s common for some holiday weekends. Memorial Day weekend is one of the more quiet I guess, a lot of people are out of town camping or what ever else they are doing. The ones that stay in town seemed to behave fairly well. A lot of traffic today though as people were returning home. Traffic crashes are always a problem and I heard a few on the radio around the county but we were spared any in the city.

I have a great work shift doing ten hours a day, four days a week. Three day weekends are kick ass. My Monday (which is actually Sunday) is just me an my guys with none of the brass around. Not that I don’t like my supervisors, they are great people and wonderful to work for but it is so much quieter when they are not around. On a holiday weekend I get two nice days.

Tomorrow will be another story though. There is always a price to pay and now I will have to cram three days worth of work into the next two. That’s okay, it’s worth it and well getting ten hours of holiday pay is nice too.

May 282006

What is it like being a gay cop you ask… well maybe you didn’t ask but you were wondering perhaps, just a little . Well at my stage of life and career it just seems normal but it wasn’t always that way. When I first decided to go into law enforcement back in about 1985 it was a lot different. I was out to a few of my straight friends and a some in my family but absolutely no one around the police department. It was kind of like living the proverbial double life. I came to work and didn’t talk about my personal life and when I meet people in my gay world I was very careful about telling them I was a cop. If I ever did I usually didn’t tell them where I worked. I became very good at keeping the two sides of my life separated.

Even though I always feared that somehow work would find I was gay and my world would crumble, it didn’t stop me from going out to the bars or having relationships. I was quite active back in the late eighty’s and did a lot of clubbing. I was involved with in my relationship with Steve and although we lived together for about seven years off and on, it was never a very strong relationship. It was not a monogamous affair with both of us seeing other guys.

They did my background to be hired as a full time officer while I was with Steve. I got reports from some of the people the background investigator was talking to and they told me the questions seemed very probing into my sexuality. Well I got hired anyway. I guess I picked good references.

As time went on at work I began to realize that some of my coworkers were guessing or had figured out that I was gay. I know a couple of the older more senior guys were talking about it and making jokes and remarks around the office but no one ever said anything to my face. I was a very good officer and wasn’t know for game playing so I think people respected me none the less. Since I never brought it up or flaunted it in their faces they just accepted it or it was ignored.

Time went on and the old timers retired. Now I am the old timer and over the last several years things have changed. Perhaps the most significant change was when we got a new Chief. Our prior chief was pretty much worthless. He did little to better the department and in many ways was very much a detriment. The City had a leadership change and I guess he saw the writing on the wall; he retired. Our Lieutenant was promoted to Chief and the rebuilding of the department began. He is a very fair and honest man and a damn good cop. I have know him a very long time he was aware I am gay and he also knew my partner. He made it a point to make me comfortable and to always include my partner in the same way he would the spouse or significant other of any officer.

Well that’s about it in a nutshell… (okay, maybe a coconut shell)… I now talk openly about my partner but I still don’t cram anything down their throats. If they ask I am happy to tell them anything they want to know. Life it good and I am conformable.