Jun 222006

Today Rosie Sizer officially became Chief of Police for Portland. She was appointed interim a couple of months ago after then Chief Derrick Foxworth was put on administrative leave while the city investigated allegations of misconduct made by a desk clerk he had a relationship with some years back.

Rosie Sizer

I think she will make a good chief from what I have seen. I don’t know that much about her but a couple of guys I know that work for PPB think she will be good for the Bureau. I did think it kind of comical that Mayor Potter who only less than a week ago demoted Foxworth said the city was going to start a nationwide search for a new chief… That was a quick search.. Oh well, that’s Portland…. good luck Chief Sizer.

Jun 102006
For sure one of Portland’s Finest

Every year I try to get into Portland for the Grand Floral Parade at the Rose Festival. I don’t go so much to watching the parade. I go to see old friends that in many cases I haven’t seen since the last parade and hopefully meet a few new. I also go to watch all the interesting people a large festival like this attracts. I always take my camera and love to catch people being themselves.

Two good friends. I don’t think they have missed a parade in 20 years.

I don’t think I saw a third of the parade this last Saturday. I usually try to head out of town before the end. I hate all the traffic, it’s always an incredible mess with over a hundred thousand people all trying to get home at once. This year was very festive though, and the weather was great with no rain and a little cloud cover. Often it rains but Oregonians are use to that

2006 Rose Queen Camille Clark

I didn’t see as many friends as I usually do. I guess they just needed a break this year. Next year is the 100th anniversary of the Rose Festival. You can bet I will be there.