Jun 012006

I have been think a lot about getting a tattoo but I have been having a very difficult time deciding what I want. Actually I have been contemplating it for many years now. I really like arm bands and Celtic art work. When I first started thinking about it I wanted a Loony Toon cartoon character. I was especially thinking of Taz but the more men I looked at with tattoos the more I saw of Taz and other Loony Toon characters. I want something unique for my self.

I have visited many tattoo shops but most of their stock art work is all the same and just doesn’t excite me. I recently went into a shop called Two Chicks Tattooing which is run by the artist with the lovely name (or moniker) of Willow. I looked through her portfolios and really I liked her work. She had several albums with many picture so I know she has been doing her art for a little bit anyway.

One theme I have been thinking about is a Bear tattoo with something in the Native American genre worked in. My initial Idea came from a temporary tattoo which I bought online at http://www.temptatts4u.com. I have tried quite a few of them to get an idea what I will be happy with. I showed Willow the temporary and asked her if she would draw up something. Today she called me and said she had some art work ready for me to look at. I am excited about seeing it tomorrow. Let you know how it turned out.

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