Jun 272006

Better Days

I am sad to say I had to put Sampson my dog down today. It’s been less than a week that I wrote One Old German about him but he took a turn for the worse. Perhaps it was the high temperatures we have had the last few days or it was just finally time but he went down hill quickly. When I talked to the veterinarian earlier in the year about Sampson’s declining health he told me I would know when it was time and he was right.

My partner and I took him in this afternoon about 2:30. I had talked to the doc a couple of times today. At first I was going to wait until my weekend and go in on Thursday but because Sampson wasn’t eating or drinking much both the doc and I felt we should get it done now.

I have never had to have a pet euthanized before and I think I was actually more fond of the dog than I realized. It was pretty difficult watching the doctor give him the shot. I guess he used sodium pentathol in a large dose. It was very quick, I think he was gone in about twenty seconds and there didn’t seem to be any pain. He just went to sleep. I tried not to but I cried.

Sampson almost seemed to understand. He never objected when the doc shaved his arm and didn’t flinch a bit when the needle went in. Now he is taking a nice long sleep. Good night old man, rest well….

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  1. I’m so sorry about Sampson. I just had to do the same thing w/my 14yo cat. I bawled like a a baby – but she had the same reaction to the shaving and needle insertion.

    I haven’t had the energy to blog about it yet – but most likely will this week.

    Thanks for sharing.

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