Jun 092006

I got my long awaited tattoo yesterday. I had been working with an artist named Willow from Two Chicks Tattoos (see My First Tattoo) who was working on a design with a bear theme. She worked up a piece for me and although it was very good it didn’t jump out and grab me. It was a bear in a dream catcher and although I wanted some Native American influence in the tattoo it just wasn’t what I wanted.

Just by chance while I was researching tats on the internet I came across one that I really loved. In fact when I saw it instantly knew it was the one I wanted. The original tattoo was all black/gray art work and I wanted some color in my tattoo so I touched up the picture in Photoshop and then took it off to Willow for her to look at. She loved it too and after a couple of adjustments we agreed on the design.

So yesterday I lost my virginity, well at least as far as getting my first tattoo. I lost my other virginity so long ago I can hardly remember. I had been a bit anxious the last couple of days but when I got to the shop I was pretty relaxed. I arrived about 1:30 and after signing all the disclaimers, hold harmless and warnings that your arm may fall off, we got going about 2pm. By 5pm we were finished. It wasn’t as painful as I guessed it would be, I guess I would describe it as uncomfortable. I had heard so many different opinions from people about the pain level that I just tried to put it out of my mind and not think much about it much. The most discomfort came when she was wiping off the ink and cleaning it up.

The tattoo is a fairly detailed piece and she told me that it may take two sittings but I wanted it all done at one time so I was determined to endure. I will say that at three hours I was about reaching my tolerance level but we got it done.

I think my partner was rather apprehensive about me getting the tattoo but after he saw the completed work he was very pleased. He wanted to come and watch and no doubt taunt me but he had to work so he didn’t get to see it until later that evening when I took the bandage off. I only told a couple of my coworkers that I was getting inked so it will be fun showing it off at work next week.

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  1. I want a tattoo, but I’ve never been happy with any of the ideas for one to get one. I’m probably going to end up waiting til I’m 50.

    When we had lunch together on 6/9/6, I got a couple of ideas from you about a possible design… maybe I’ll get one sooner then later.

    Nice tattoo, Sir. It looks better in person, although the photo doesn’t look bad.


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