Jun 252006

RV on fire

I was out on the road at work today and I saw very black smoke rising down the road away’s and knew it was a bad fire. I hadn’t heard the fire department so I drove down to find this RV pretty well up in flames. I called it in to dispatch however the FD was already en route.

I talked to the owner and he told me he was pulling into the RV park to see about staying the night. He heard his motor backfire and then it died. He just coasted to a stop then saw some smoke. He just got his wife and he out and it burst into flames and it just went up very fast. The poor guy told me he and his wife were living in the RV and everything they had was in there. Hope they makes out okay.

It’s very hot here today with the temperature hitting over 100 deg in a some areas. They say tomorrow could be hotter.

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