Jul 012006

I have been busy the last few days getting ready for our now annual 4th of July camping, well actually RV’ing trip to LaPine. We have been going for a few years to the State Park. At first we set up a tent then we stayed in their little cabins, and now after getting the 5th wheel last year we stay in it. Last year was the first time we went over on the 4th of July but now we are making it an annual event.

Some other people I work with are coming over, there will be three other families there. It should prove to be an interesting time. Getting four cops (and families) together camping can be dangerous. I have heard many horror stories over the years, exaggerated to some extent I’m sure.

LiPine State Park is in central Oregon on the Deschutes river a few miles south of Bend. From there the possibilities are endless. Miles of trails for hiking and biking, Mt. Bachelor for skiing in the winter and there are hundreds of lakes for what ever is your pleasure.

I have to work on the 4th so I wont get out of town until about 5pm. Two of the other guys work too so we are all meeting up about 5pm and driving over together. Fun Times……

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