Jul 302006

I had lunch with a friend last Friday who is one of the few people that read my blog. He mentioned that I had never delivered on part two of RV’n in LaPine. Well the temperature is much cooler so I can’t use the weather as an excuse so here it is.

* * * * * * *

Friday my partner went into Bend with a couple of the girls to do some shopping. He’s a power shopper and I bet he wore them out. I went for a motorcycle ride and also went to Bend. I got a killer deal on a shirt and hat at an outlet store. Main reason I went into Bend was to look at a RV park I had seen on Wednesday when I was in town with the *M’s*. Friday afternoon the *I’s* arrived with their son and daughter.

Friday night we had a get together here at our camp which was very interesting. We got a little loud but only got one warning from the park Ranger. The bastards burned up half of my wood which was suppose to last for two weeks. Everyone got rather intoxicated and this lead to a lot of drama.

Turns out *K’s* girlfriend and Mr. *I* work together and have the hots for each other. They spent a lot of time in our RV chatting and sitting very close together. Everyone knew what was going on including *K* but he didn’t seem to mind too much. This of course upset *K’s* girlfriend. Later she was crying on my shoulder all about how *K* doesn’t care about here and she wanted more out of the relationship.

Now while all of this is going on, *I’s* son, who is I think just a bundle of testosterone, was hitting on *C’s*wife. *I’s* son is only 18 but his dad let him have a few beers. He was very persistent and although it was somewhat comical it was wearing on *C’s* wife. Mr. *C* had gone to bed but as their RV was just next to ours *C’s* wife was worried he would hear what the kid was doing.

Finally everyone cleared out and went home. My partner and I walked down to the river to enjoy some peace and quiet for a while and when we got back to the camp site there was *K’s* girlfriend standing outside our RV, still very upset and crying. We let her sleep on the soft after I tried to counsel and comfort her for about an hour.

The next day everything seemed to blow over and all was fine except for a few hangovers. None of us got eighty sixed from the park so that was a good thing. The rest of the weekend was much more mellow and by Monday afternoon only my partner and I were left. Everyone else headed home and back to work. We stayed until Friday then drove over to an area near Sisters on the Metolious River and camped there two nights. It was dry camping, no electric, water or sewer hook-up but the camp was beautiful and right on the river.

Well that’s about it. I hope to post some more photos of the trip when I get them processed and I have the time.

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  1. well, it’s about time.

    i had a good time at lunch. the movie was good too, even though i’ve seen it before. i caught a lot more the second time around.


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