Aug 112006

My partner and I live on about five acres in a rural part of the county. I say about five acres because the property was originally exactly five acres but somewhere in the past the County came in and decided that we didn’t own to the center of the road and they claimed the road was a “private county road”. We had a meeting with the County and they told us that yes, the County owned the road but No they would not improve it or keep it up. That was our responsibility, go figure.

It’s a gravel road and required quit a bit maintenance but between a few of us we seem to keep it up. There has been some talk in the neighborhood about trying to get the County to give the property back to us and we would then have a “private road” but we haven’t taken any action yet.

We have very good neighbors and most of them know we are a couple. They all accept us for who we are and we sometimes party with a couple of them. Our neighbors to the south of us are a Russian family and just great people.
A while back at the end of their Russian Easter observance we happened to just go over to chat for a few minutes. We ended up getting quite blitzed and stayed until way after midnight. They lit a fire and made food on their grill. Jeff (neighbor) brought out a bottle of true Russian vodka (the label was written in all Russian, no English) and we did several straight shots. When we finally went home, I had to almost carry my partner Rocky home. The next day he didn’t remember coming home. I had a weeee bit of a hangover.. I don’t get them very often. Continue reading »

Jul 252006

It has been so hot here lately I just haven’t felt like touching the computer. We don’t have AC in the house so we have been staying and sleeping in the RV. The last few days have been 100 degrees or more. It cooled down a little last night and is only 70 this morning. Have to get off to work…..

Jul 162006

I wanted to post this a few days ago but wasn’t able to get connected to the camp hosts Wi-Fi setup. We just got home so I thought I would get this up. More to come..

RV in Site 21

I didn’t think I was going to be able to post before we got back from camping here in LaPine but one of the hosts has satellite internet on Wi-Fi and said I could use it. We came over on the 4th with three other families from work. For the purposes of this blog I will call them the M’s the C’s and the K’s. Their names have been changed to protect the guilty. C’s father also came over and on Friday the I’s came over. All of these families have kids so in total we had 20 people here: eleven adults and nine children. That’s quite a crew.

By now they have all returned to civility and we are here with just the other quite campers and the Chipmunks, but during the time they were here life was very interesting if not somewhat dramatic. Getting a bunch of cops and a fireman together, especially away from the work environment can be very interesting. Both jobs can be quite stressful as you can imagine and when we get in an environment where we can let loose sometimes things get a little weird.

I have know and worked with most of these people for almost twenty years so we are very comfortable together. I don’t know the guy from the fire department very well as I just met him recently. His future wife work for us and was just recently hired so that’s how they became part of the crew.

All of us from the PD had to work on the 4th and so after our shift we drove over together. We didn’t get in until late in the evening so night one was fairly quiet. It was a good drive over with very little traffic. After everyone got set up we all gathered (except the kids) at our place. We had eight people in our RV which is the largest group we have had here yet. Plenty of room though. I think everyone is envious of us as our rig is by far the nicest and most spacious. Sorry, just a little bragging rights here….

The next day was kind of a supply day. I went into Bend with the M’s to shop for food and other supplies and after we got back to camp I went into Sunriver with the officer C to get my bicycle tire repaired and so he could do some shopping. Later that night after dinner (I made a crab salad) we had a fire as well as the K’s. Everyone just kind of floated back and forth between the two camps.

Thursday the everyone kind of split up to do their own things. The C’s and K’s took off on their ATV’s and motorcycle to do some riding. My partner, *C* his dad went into Bend where C’s dad traded in his old boat and bought a new one. I’m not sure what everyone else did but I suspect they went into Bend I went for a little ride on my Honda Shadow. Earlier I repositioned the 5th wheel with the help of C’s wife so I could get the awning extended. There was a tree in the way so I had to angle the RV.

We all had reservations to eat dinner at this place out in the middle of nowhere called the Cowboy Dinner Tree. It is about fifty miles southeast of here near Silver Lake. Our reservations were for 5pm but *C* and his dad didn’t get back from Bend until almost 4pm. We quickly loaded up into three vehicles and after driving just a little over the posted speed limit, arrived at exactly 5pm.

The Cowboy Dinner Tree

The dinner there was great and the atmosphere very interesting. Dinner consisted of either a whole chicken or a steak which was more like a roast. First they served a salad with choice of ranch or honey mustard dressing. Then these wonderful hot rolls baked in a pie tin. Next they brought out two kinds of what they call soup but was more of a stew. One is a beef stew and the other they call cowboy bean. I had the beef stew but other people said the bean was very good. Finally they brought out the steaks and chicken with a baked potato. By then you are already quit full but I managed to eat a few bites of my steak (the remainder was consumed over the next couple of days). The drive back was much more relaxed and at a reasonable speed.

No camp fire or get togethers after dinner tonight and everyone just kind of went back to their camps and to bed early. We stayed up and watch TV until about midnight. I think everyone was kind of burned out after the drive and large dinner.

** Next the night of drama **

Jun 252006

RV on fire

I was out on the road at work today and I saw very black smoke rising down the road away’s and knew it was a bad fire. I hadn’t heard the fire department so I drove down to find this RV pretty well up in flames. I called it in to dispatch however the FD was already en route.

I talked to the owner and he told me he was pulling into the RV park to see about staying the night. He heard his motor backfire and then it died. He just coasted to a stop then saw some smoke. He just got his wife and he out and it burst into flames and it just went up very fast. The poor guy told me he and his wife were living in the RV and everything they had was in there. Hope they makes out okay.

It’s very hot here today with the temperature hitting over 100 deg in a some areas. They say tomorrow could be hotter.

Jun 242006

Not a bad Saturday so far, a little afternoon delite with my sweety ;). That sure makes for some contentment. I must have wore him out, he had to take a nap. We have company coming later so we had to play early.

The official report right now says the temp is 94 Degrees. It’s not too bad in the house yet. It usually isn’t till the second day than the house heats up and gets uncomfortable. The news is reporting a high heat advisory; that is something new for around here. Tomorrow is forcast to be a hundred and they are saying it may be a record.

Back Yard Barbequeer

Well like I said, it is a hot saturday, on two fronts… Not sure what the picture is all about except that I am going to barbecue later. Hope you are all haveing a nice day.

Jun 172006

Good grief, I drove all the way into Portland, at least a forty-five minute to hour trip this morning, to watch the Gay Pride parade. I looked it up online and I’m sure I looked at the date.. I must have… It’s right there and it clearly says Sunday, June 18th.

Anyway, as I found out today is Saturday the 17th… oops. There is a festival area down at the water front today but I had to wait around until noon before it opened. Not much there just a few food booths and trinket vendors along with several other clubs, groups and political booths. Portland Police and Multnomah County Sheriff both had a booth for recruiting. Didn’t see a lot of people showing interest at their booths. I did manage to spend $15.00 on a t-shirt from a Seattle company called ajaxx63. I got the bear shirt to go with my new tattoo. Have to work Sunday so I guess I will have to wait until next year to see the parade.

Jun 152006

This has been a long work week. It always seems that way when I do more administrative work. I didn’t get out on the road much this last week. Meetings, interviews and lots of paperwork kept me in the office.

One of the hats I wear as a sergeant is the equipment, uniforms and kind of the logistics officer. We recently promoted two new sergeants so I had to get them set up in their offices, get phone extensions, cell phones, pagers, uniforms, computers, business cards…. the list seems endless. I think I have a pretty good handle on it now but I am sure something has been overlooked.

It’s my weekend now, three days for myself and I am heading out to fire up my Massey Ferguson tractor and get some work done around the property. I also have to haul it over to our friends house as I promised to cut down some brush for them. I hope the weather holds up and it doesn’t rain too much.

Saturday is the Pride parade in Portland. I plan on getting down to check everyone out and hopefully see some friends. Hopefully I will get some good photos to share. Well better get off my butt and get with it…..

Jun 092006

I got my long awaited tattoo yesterday. I had been working with an artist named Willow from Two Chicks Tattoos (see My First Tattoo) who was working on a design with a bear theme. She worked up a piece for me and although it was very good it didn’t jump out and grab me. It was a bear in a dream catcher and although I wanted some Native American influence in the tattoo it just wasn’t what I wanted.

Just by chance while I was researching tats on the internet I came across one that I really loved. In fact when I saw it instantly knew it was the one I wanted. The original tattoo was all black/gray art work and I wanted some color in my tattoo so I touched up the picture in Photoshop and then took it off to Willow for her to look at. She loved it too and after a couple of adjustments we agreed on the design.

So yesterday I lost my virginity, well at least as far as getting my first tattoo. I lost my other virginity so long ago I can hardly remember. I had been a bit anxious the last couple of days but when I got to the shop I was pretty relaxed. I arrived about 1:30 and after signing all the disclaimers, hold harmless and warnings that your arm may fall off, we got going about 2pm. By 5pm we were finished. It wasn’t as painful as I guessed it would be, I guess I would describe it as uncomfortable. I had heard so many different opinions from people about the pain level that I just tried to put it out of my mind and not think much about it much. The most discomfort came when she was wiping off the ink and cleaning it up.

The tattoo is a fairly detailed piece and she told me that it may take two sittings but I wanted it all done at one time so I was determined to endure. I will say that at three hours I was about reaching my tolerance level but we got it done.

I think my partner was rather apprehensive about me getting the tattoo but after he saw the completed work he was very pleased. He wanted to come and watch and no doubt taunt me but he had to work so he didn’t get to see it until later that evening when I took the bandage off. I only told a couple of my coworkers that I was getting inked so it will be fun showing it off at work next week.

Jun 062006

We promoted two officers to sergeant today. Five people applied. Two were very happy, as for the others, or at least for two of them it was a long, and in the end, very disappointing day. One of the guys was only going through the process for the experience and knew he wouldn’t be selected. The other guys that didn’t make the cut I suspect deep down realized he wasn’t quite ready. As for that third that didn’t make it I know it was an enormous let down.

I talked to most of them through out the day as they were waiting for their turn on the hot seat, the dreaded oral boards. I gave them as much encouragement as I could. I shared what my experience had been during my two times on the interviews. Number three who is one of our detectives was very confident and he had been preparing for the exams and interview very hard. Had he been selected he would have done a very good job. I have to agree with the final selection though and it exactly what I expected.

It is never easy telling someone they didn’t make the grade especially when they are a good employee and your friend. This time it wasn’t my job but I have been there. I saw his face after he came out of the Lt’s office and it told it all. Now we must all help to build him back up, to make him see the good in the experience and help him grow from it. I know he will, he is a good man.

Jun 052006

Actually it’s not Adam’s rib, it’s my rib but I had to have a title. I went to the doctor today after a fun weekend of little rest and pain even when I took a deep breath, and well coughing was just delightful. I found that one of my ribs is separated where it joins to the sternum. I guess that would explain why that Good Pain I wrote about isn’t so good anymore. In fact it is down right a nuisance, what with not being able to sleep at night and worst of all now I have to go on light duty at work. What is the moral of this story…. at fifty years old it is probably best not to go at it so hard with at thirty year old in much better shape than myself.

Light duty is both a bane and a blessing. It’s great that you don’t have to sit at home doing nothing when your injured. It is good for the department too since they are at least getting some work out of you. If the injury is like mine from a work related event it helps cut down on their insurance costs. If you get hurt off duty its great because you don’t have to burn up a bunch of sick time. The down side, at least for me is that I don’t get to work my cherished “four ten” shift. It’s back to working regular business hours, eight hours a day five days a week. That’s just not right but I think that is part of their strategy to get people off light duty and back to work.

The doc says I should be okay to go back to work in a week or so but it will be several weeks before I am mended. I guess the cartilage will never reattach to the rib but he says my body will compensate.